Valuable Things to do During Covid-19 Time at Home

Posted By: David Posted date: March 24, 2020 In: Blog No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Most of us have additional time at home due to Covid-19.  We are also gaining a realization that our mortality, and that of our elder loved ones is real; now is a unique opportunity to do things, not yet done.  Among those is de-cluttering our homes and culling things we don’t want and we are fairly certain our family doesn’t want.  Donate to those who need and can use things so our families aren’t stuck trying to do that on top of losing their loved ones.

While looking through things, search for items of real meaning and history.  Get grandma or grandpa to tell about those things while taking easy video with your phone.  Try to keep the stories to around one minute each so later generations will have the patience to watch them.  Don’t lose the stories, but maybe more importantly, the voice of your loved ones.  I was incredibly close with my grandmother, and my father and lost both way too early.  I have grainy old photos, and even some video of them moving around, but nothing preserving their comforting voices and stories helping preserve who they were.

Now that we all know how to use our phones for taking photos, go room to room taking photos of each items you think may be of interest for your estate planning.  Upload those to a free FairSplit Home Inventory account and share with your kids.  Leave as photos, or go ahead and list the contents or have us list for you. Having this home inventory done and available online will save so much time and effort for those loved ones trying to settle your estate.