Estate Division

Recently lost a loved one and now serving as Executor, or simply trying to find a way to help keep peace among heirs and provide information to all? You need our estate division and settlement solution.

FairSplit provides the tools you need for a fair way to divide your heirlooms and assets among those you love. It’s simple:

Our Estate Division and Settlement Solution Includes:

  • Easy to add photos, list and categorize items and include appraisals if needed
  • Online collaborative access makes divisions involving heirs far apart easy
  • Unique approach that addresses Emotional Values and Monetary Values
  • Choose a plan that allows division between 2 and unlimited people and items

Our estate division solution is a comprehensive system which helps move all parties toward agreement and lets each party know that the system provides them a fair and equitable way to divide. FairSplit helps divide things, not families

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