FREE Use & Ideas for Creating
Home Inventory - 2 minutes

How it Works - <4 minutes

Julie Hall, author, and estate expert known as “The Estate Lady” writes: “…80% of families think their family won’t have conflict, and 80% of that 80% do, and often to the point of not speaking.”

FREE- Shareable Home Inventory

Details of how to use FREE inventory – 5 minutes
  • Avoid costly express packages, travel, time and scheduling issues
  • No more emailed attachments, awkward photo sharing accounts
  • One private, secure family account to share estate photos and asset info

Need Help? We Have You Covered: Division Plans & Other Services

  • Division process: YES/NO (interested or not), emotional value bidding and alternating selection order rounds (like taking turns) determines who gets what
  • Convert Shareable Home Inventory (keeps all data entered) or purchase division needed now
  • Create, print, save or send reports in html, excel, or csv files. Choose Web App and include photos in the reports

Other Services – If you would rather have FairSplit list assets from photos, put estimated market values and even serve as an experienced independent Administrator for the process, see Other Services from the Pricing tab.


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If within 30 days of purchase you do not feel the FairSplit system helped make your division a more organized and peaceful process than what you would have done otherwise, write us describing why and we will refund 100% of your money. Our goal is to make the service better with all feedback.

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