“80% of families think their family won’t have conflict, and 80% of that 80% do, and often to the point of not speaking.”, according to author and estate expert Julie Hall, “The Estate Lady.”

We make all information about personal property assets easy to create, sort, and make accessible to all parties – and FREE. Upgrade to a FairSplit division system, only when needed for peaceful division.

How will a Free web-based home inventory help?

How FairSplit.com Works

FREE- Shareable Home Inventory:

Transparency and Inclusion Are Key to Avoiding Conflict

  • Hosted solution available online to all parties
  • Upload photos room by room, list, categorize
  • Helps avoid one person having to do all work
  • Customize reports; sort by room, category,etc.
  • Associate photos, appraisals, to multiple items
  • Allows multiple users to list items from photos
  • Avoid costly express packages, travel, & time
  • Print or email reports summarizing the results

FairSplit Division Options Provide a Path to Fair and Peaceful Divisions

  • Uses the same Shareable Home Inventory above
  • System of Emotional Value bidding to see who items most
  • Printable and exportable reports to manage results
  • Creates a path to determine what can be sold or donated
  • Alternating Selection rounds help simulate taking turns
  • Tracks quantities and values assigned to each party

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  • Our first FairSplit job has been a huge project. We could not have managed it any other way! Your tool is brilliant, David, even when it wasn’t free. Our Senior Move Managers are quickly learning to use it and we’re committed to using this tool to expand our services and to help more clients!

    Jill Kearney – Senior Moves by Design
  • FairSplit was the perfect tool when my two sisters and I had to divide up furniture, family heirlooms, art work, and all kinds of other household things, when my parents moved to a much smaller apartment. We decided to actually allocate everything at this one time, ignoring whether my parents would take it with them or not, so we didn’t have to do this painful process again. Although we had different ideas of how this should be done, several things were invaluable. One – we live far apart and we could do this together online. Two – the system assigned things randomly, so we all got things we wanted and we all saw things we wanted assigned to a different sister. Because it was impersonal, it felt fair. Three – because we were doing this online, there was no pressure to do this within a time frame of a few days visit at my parents. We did several rounds of choosing over a month.
    When we had technical difficulties, the staff at FairSplit were quickly responsive and explained what to do, or fixed a bug immediately.
    I highly recommend this for use in dividing estates, downsizing, etc. Thank you FairSplit.

    Ellen F
  • “It was a good deal for her (sister), but it was a great deal for me because I didn’t have to negotiate face to face with someone who causes me so much emotional trauma.  It was a blind, fair split”

    T. Bennett (clinical psychologist)
  • “We needed this! My Dad’s estate was well prepared, but the house contents were to be divided between the brothers.  It was so overwhelming to us at the time, we had it packed up and put into two storage units to deal with later.  That was seven years ago, and nearly $20,000 in storage fees paid so far.”

    Jim S. (one of five brothers)
  • “I can see how lots of my clients would have saved so much time and appreciated having this system to divide the household items. I will definitely be steering my clients to FairSplit when it is available.”

    Keri – Divorce Attorney


If within 30 days of purchase you do not feel the FairSplit system helped make your division a more organized and peaceful process than what you would have done otherwise, write us describing why and we will refund 100% of your money. Our goal is to make the service better with all feedback.

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