Divide Things, Not Families®

Your proven system to divide personal property between heirs

Julie Hall, author, and estate expert known as “The Estate Lady” writes: “…80% of families think their family won’t have conflict dividing personal property, and 80% of that 80% do, and often to the point of not speaking.”

Need Help? We Have You Covered: Division Plans & Other Services

  • Division process: YES/NO (interested or not), emotional value bidding and alternating selection order rounds (like taking turns) determines who gets what

Other Services

  • We can list and categorize assets from the photos
  • We can put estimated market values (not appraisal level)
  • Serve as independent third-party Administrator to avoid a real or perceived conflict of interest
  • David can come to your home to do the photography and list the assets if in southern Ca
Estate Division
Downsizing Division
Three Dividing Rounds - 7 Min

FREE Account to Photograph, List and Privately Share Estate Assets

A MUST WATCH - Short video on how to photograph and list all things to be divided. Each primary photo needs to be a “selectable“, single, or group of assets to be chosen by an heir.

Full reporting can be exported in excel, csv and as pdf with photos.


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If within 30 days of purchase you do not feel the FairSplit system helped make your division a more organized and peaceful process than what you would have done otherwise, write us describing why and we will refund 100% of your money. Our goal is to make the service better with all feedback.

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