Using Inventory from “KnowYourStuff” or other inventory apps or software with FairSplit works fine

Posted date: July 12, 2016 2 Comments

Some have asked if an asset inventory has already been prepared through KnowYourStuff, other apps or other software programs, can it be used in FairSplit and not have to start over?  This is no problem. Most of these home inventory apps, including K ...

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FairSplit is ready for market after five years

Posted date: May 4, 2016 4 Comments

FairSplit is ready for market after five years FairSplit is now available for families and professionals to use!  Shortly afterwards The New York Times featured it as an innovative solution to the painful and destructive process often experienced wh ...

Read More » tagline changed to “Divide Things Not Families”

Posted date: October 12, 2014 No Comments

After a few years of brainstorming phrases, and looking at our previous tagline of “Asset Division Made Easy” staring back at me for years, it finally dawned on me, that “Asset Division Made Easy” is too clinical of a description of a very em ...

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Patent Office Agrees DivvyMaster software a unique offering to divide estates online.

Posted date: September 14, 2014 No Comments

The U.S. Patent office has granted DivvyMaster, Inc. a patent on our online division tool to ease the challenges of dividing estates and divorces fairly and peacefully. is azithromycin lexapro bula women viagra zithromax dosage viagra generic lexapro ...

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Sherwin Nuland dies at 83 – Promoter of Dignified Death Concepts

Posted date: September 14, 2014 No Comments levitra lexapro for anxiety acyclovir dosing cialis daily tamoxifen acyclovir medication azithrom ...

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