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FairSplit totally saved our sanity when we were dealing with my late father’s storage units. We have recommended them to others who, for reasons of distance or other considerations, need a remote or on-line solution to dividing assets. We chose to have David be the Independent Third-Party Administrator for our division, which was extremely helpful. He was very hands-on when help was requested and worked closely with one family member who needed some extra assistance to complete the selection process. Without David’s help, Dad’s stuff might have remained sitting in storage for months or years longer. Save your sanity, call!   (A. Shores)

Ann G. Shores
Verified purchase

I had the good fortune of working with David and the Fair Split Team on a recent downsizing activity for the Family…it was a truly professional experience that made it easy for everyone to participate in the division of the possessions virtually and obtain the items that truly had true sentimental value to them.

The Fair Split software was very intuitive and made the cataloging of the Family possessions easy. You simply create your residences, then create your rooms, take your pictures and create the item listings. The Software is very easy to work with, you can stop and save your work at anytime, view reports of each residence or room.

The three selection rounds are designed to give each Participant a “fair” chance to obtain the Family possessions that are meaningful to them. The entire process is virtual so it eliminates any distance barriers for Family member that cannot travel.

Fair Split offers additional services for evaluation, mediation, etc., so you can tailor the Services to your needs…it is a must for any Executors or Trustees!

Al Calley
Verified purchase

We had the task of dividing our parent’s estate during the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. Family members lived across the country and could not travel. Division was at a standstill resulting in the house and estate assets standing idle.

The FairSplit website was accessible to all heirs to view, choose and obtain items of interest to them while remaining in their own locale.

Now that travel is possible again, family members can travel to the property to get their items or have them packed and shipped at their expense.

The ease of developing inventory reports for each heir and for the estate attorney has been an exceptional benefit to me as executor.

Finally, the expertise and assistance of David in being the impartial administrator during the division rounds assured all heirs that the division of assets was fair and unbiased.

Rebecca Smitha
Verified purchase

I am deeply grateful for the even hand and very kind assistance David and Team brought to my family’s division of personal property. Because I’m not very computer literate David helped me with navigating the sight…etc. making it easy for me to participate. He was available and patient with my questions. I highly recommend engaging the FairSplit Service. Thank you so much David and All ! You are wonderful!

Marsha Lee Crawford
PangeaPacific Studios

David M. from FairSplit was our Admin for our rounds and was extremely helpful and did a wonderful job. He made the division of property go smoothly and quickly. I definitely recommend using the Admin Service if you have multiple Divisees (heirs) and one of them is the Executor. Again, thanks David M. for the excellent service.

Martin S.
Verified purchase