Dividing assets in death, downsizing or divorce is stressful, time consuming and often emotionally destructive; we want to help “Divide Things, Not Families”.

David’s Story | Learn About Fairsplit

As you read David’s Story you will learn about Fairsplit and how it came to be. David lost his father too early in life, and remembered everyone wanting just a few things to remember him by, and the challenge of trying to make that seem fair to all, when all lived so far away. Sentimental value was more important than any monetary value in that particular case. That memory, along with personal experience with divorce divisions helped David come up with the concept of “Emotional Values” and “Monetary Values” (when needed) being used together for the fairest divisions. Reducing the time and challenging logistics involved in a typical division seemed like a worthy pursuit, and making a blind and inherently fair system reduces family discord.

In early 2010 David committed himself to exploring ideas to help reduce the time and expense around these events, at the very least.  The web made it possible for FairSplit to be a blind, impartial system, equally fair and accessible to all parties of any type of division.  Some traditional methods for estate division were remarkably well suited to use online.

In 2017 a decision was made to make the bulk of FairSplit’s web based tools and sharing services FREE to all professional and family users to provide an organized system to manage moves, estate sales, etc. and introduce those professionals and their clients to FairSplit as a tool that’s system is helpful in divisions.


david-macmahan-bw1David MacMahan is the founder and president of FairSplit.com and long time  entrepreneur and someone who challenges status quo. David has created  products that have sold millions of units through companies such as Sears,  Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Toys R Us, QVC, HSN, and most major mail order  companies. He and his products have been featured in People, Time,  Newsweek, USA Today, on CNN and many other media. Since 2000 his web-  based gift services software enabled retailers to provide an eCard with gift  image and message, letting people know “A Gift is On The Way!”. Among the awards and recognition his companies have garnered over the years are 8th and 11th place rankings in the KPMG and MEC Fast 50 in N.C.

Board of Advisors

Matt Paxton bw After nine seasons on A&E, host Matt Paxton comes to U.S. Public Television as host of Legacy List with Matt Paxton bringing his many years of experience helping people downsize and transition to their next best lives.

Matt Paxton is one of the top hoarding experts in the country and a featured  cleaner on the hit television show HOARDERS. Paxton started cleaning out  homes after his father and grandparents passed away in the same year. His  business Clutter Cleaner focused on solving difficult living situations caused  by  hoarding, but the experience of handling his father’s and grandparents’  estates  stuck with him and is the reason for creating Legacy Navigator. In the  last 12  years Paxton has seen it all — from 300 cats to an original Edouard Manet painting — and it is from that vast experience of handling unusual and often emotionally-charged situations that Paxton brings the “know how” to help move a family forward through change. Paxton is the author of “The Secret Lives of HOARDERS.” When not traveling the country lecturing and cleaning, Matt lives in Virginia with his wife and 3 sons.

Matt Paxton: “We are excited to use FairSplit to help families determine what items anyone is interested in, and then it provides an easy way for all to view and divide fairly online in a way not possible for us before.  As our clients age, we were finding the need to show and divide the items online and FairSplit allows us to do that effortlessly.” – Matt Paxton, founder of Legacy Navigator, author and host of the TV show HOARDERS and new show LEGACY LIST.