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Your proven system to divide personal property between heirs

Catalog your personal property, or plan your estate with our free home inventory tools. Our new AI tool is fast, easy, and free, so streamlines the often overwhelming task of listing everything. 

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Upgrade to paid division processes: YES/NO (interested or not), emotional value bidding and alternating selection order rounds (like taking turns) if a fair system is needed.

"…80% of families think their family won’t have conflict dividing personal property, and 80% of that 80% do, and often to the point of not speaking."

Julie Hall, author, and estate expert known as “The Estate Lady”

Other Services

List Assets

We can list and categorize assets from the photos, or edit and improve AI Listed Home Inventories. Click Support after Primary Photos are uploaded and we will push through AI now.

Market Value

We can put estimated market values (not appraisal level), validating or correcting AI suggested values

3rd Party Admin

Serve as independent third-party Administrator to avoid a real or perceived conflict of interest


Local Help can come to your house to assist with photography, packing, shipping etc. See Local Help and Resources


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Free AI Home Inventory

FREE, Online AI “Quick List” Home Inventory Account


How to photograph correctly, and use our NEW AI tools to easily list your personal property for insurance, home inventory, moves, estate planning, or dividing an estate online. (LIVE in AUG)

Full reporting can be exported in excel, csv and as pdf with photos.

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Martin SVerified Purchase
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David M. from FairSplit was our Admin for our rounds and was extremely helpful and did a wonderful job. He made the division of property go smoothly and quickly. I definitely recommend using the Admin Service if you have multiple Divisees (heirs) and one of them is the Executor. Again, thanks David M. for the excellent service.
Liz B.Verified Purchase
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I had no idea how to allow my siblings and me to select items we’d like from my Father’s estate – especially with not all of us able to travel (e.g., Covid). Plus, we have grown children who were also interested. I found FairSplit using a Google search and signed on almost immediately. The program was easy to use. Taking and labelling the photos took a while but was very helpful. I had David be the Administrator and that made it easier on me and more fair all around. David was very responsive to scheduling requests and answering questions, plus the guide has lots of information. There were absolutely no complaints about what each person got and one sibling remarked that using the program was ‘brilliant’. I’m a very pleased customer!


If within 30 days of purchase you do not feel the FairSplit system helped make your division a more organized and peaceful process than what you would have done otherwise, write us describing why and we will refund 100% of your money. Our goal is to make the service better with all feedback.

David MacMahan, founder and president of FairSplit.com

Meet David, our founder.

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