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Overcoming the Great Divide

Posted date: December 15, 2020 No Comments

The division of personal property can be a time consuming and challenging process after a loved one passes. Especially when it occurs without clear instruction or a process and rules provided. Critical to making it go well is transparency for all hei ...

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“Who Gets What?” Interview with Steve Gurney, Positive Aging Sourcebook

Posted date: October 27, 2020 No Comments

Watch the interview  (1 hour talk) ...

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Survey Insights From Thousands of Heirs Dividing Estates

Posted date: July 30, 2020 No Comments

Over the years we have asked heirs in divisions to complete a short survey to help provide insights to the Administrator / Executor of an estate division and for our own understanding of the concerns and motivations of those dividing estates.  For t ...

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5 Tips to Dividing Your Family Estate Peacefully

Posted date: July 10, 2020 No Comments

1. Remember everyone processes grief differently, and peoples’ attachment to the value (emotional value) of things isn’t always a reflection of caring more or less about the lost loved one. Some people really want, or must have things they can to ...

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Estate Settlement During COVID-19

Posted date: June 2, 2020 No Comments

Estate Settlement of personal property and tangible assets between heirs has always been one of the most challenging parts for families and professionals helping them.  Think about the typical solutions offered. Most all of them start with: “Get t ...

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