My four siblings and I

My four siblings and I used FairSplit to divide up our mother’s estate. We created several categories and held multiple rounds over 6+ months to distribute 1000+ items/groups of items among ourselves and identify remaining items for donation. We live far apart, each of us has strong emotional and other attachments to many of our mother’s possessions, and as a family we’re good at procrastinating and terrible at making difficult decisions. The division of our mother’s estate could have been extremely contentious, divisive and protracted. It did remain inherently painful for most of us, but we had a great experience with FairSplit. The rounds went smoothly with great technical support and provided a fair, transparent process we could all trust. This was invaluable in our situation, and it’s hard to imagine how we could have done the division without FairSplit. In fact, FairSplit allowed us to make something good out of the situation. Our mother loved auctions, so we actually feel we were doing something she herself would have appreciated and enjoyed and that respected and honored her legacy. I highly recommend FairSplit and am so grateful we were able to take advantage of this incredible resource.