FairSplit offers you tools to ease the pain of your clients as they go through the process of downsizing, dividing an estate or allocating possessions in a divorce. Our platform allows you to List, Value and Divide personal property from anywhere. And we are here to help you.

To assist professionals offering FairSplit to their clients, we provide:

  • Training Webinars for Providers and full email and scheduled phone support.
  • Discount Coupon Codes to extend to your clients.
  • Affiliate commissions for online orders originating from a link on your site.
  • Tiered Agency and Administrator management for firms wanting various staff running and accessing their own client’s divisions.
  • Set-Up and Administrative collaboration for you and the User Administrator.
  • Tracking of the process and notifications of rounds completed for review.
  • Full Reporting by Categories, Ownership and Sell or Donate Designation.
  • Appraisal, document and photo attachment capability for all items.

Service Providers That Can Benefit from FairSplit

A new, meaningful tool and system you may offer your clients to help ease the burden of estate or divorce divisions; help them "Divide Things, Not Families". The practical challenge of trying to prov ...

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Practical tools for rapid listing and fair division of items in estate divisions. The practical challenges of trying to offer a full estate service, or when acting as executor are many.  Listing all items, c ...

Practical online tools help ease the burden of estate or divorce divisions. Often counselors and therapists value learning about new tools which help clients address challenging issues and signific ...

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