Plus Estate


Administrative Role – Have FairSplit staff Serve as an independent third party Administrator. We will act as facilitator familiar with the software and methods, but are not qualified mediators or therapists to help beyond the administration of the process. You may do it yourself, use us, or may choose someone else for this role.


  • Includes all Online Asset Inventory tools
  • Call with FairSplit for 5-10 minute family division review and recommendations for best utilizing the FairSplit tools
  • 2 to 10 Divisees
  • Up to 2 Properties (ex. Beach House, Main House)
  • Up to 750 Assets
  • 3 GB docs/photos
  • Categories, room tracking and value fields
  • Multiple division rounds and methods
  • Recommended For Up to $1,000,000 Monetary Value
  • Email support
  • Scheduled phone support and as available
  • Subscription good for 12 months – extendable
  • Data stored indefinitely, until not accessed for a year AND no administrator email reply to us


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