Plus Downsizing



  • Includes all Online Asset Inventory tools
  • Call with FairSplit for 5-10 minute family division review and recommendations for best utilizing the FairSplit tools
  • 2 to 10 Divisees
  • Up to 2 Properties (ex. Beach House, Main House)
  • Up to 750 Assets
  • 3 GB docs/photos
  • Categories, room tracking and value fields
  • Multiple division rounds and methods
  • Recommended For Up to $1,000,000 Monetary Value
  • Email support
  • Scheduled phone support and as available
  • Subscription good for 12 months – extendable
  • Data stored indefinitely, until not accessed for a year AND no administrator email reply to us


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Listing Services Pricing

Select Sq. Footage

Downsizing Services

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    750 – 1499 Photograph Only

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    • Local associate visits property to photograph
    • Sq. footage and estimate validity confirmed
    • Assets of home photographed room by room
    • Group shots taken of most assets
    • Individual shots of important art or antiques or high value items
    • Photographs of provided appraisals or receipts taken
    • Upload all photos room by room to FairSplit
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    750 – 1499 Photograph & List

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    • Includes all Photograph Property Assets service
    • List assets seen in photos
    • Assign to categories like furniture, art, jewelry
    • Group in logical groupings like matching sofa and loveseat, necklace and earrings
    • Identify things like books as “shelf of books” not by title
    • Provide details to help value where seen or provided
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    750 – 1499 Photograph, List & Value

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    • Photograph and List Assets Services to left included
    • Check against items seen by brand and style when provided against insurance tables
    • Good independent estimates but NOT appraisal level valuations. Helpful when disagreement on values need a neutral party
    • View photos and assign a value equating to an estate sale or Craig’s List type value
    • May identify and recommend items for full appraisal if obviously or potentially valuable