Estate division and settlement tools for Mediation

Practical Free and Paid online tools for Mediators to help ease the family discord in estate or divorce divisions

A Tool for Mediation

Often mediators are unaware of new tools which help clients address challenging issues and significant events in such a way that anxiety is diminished and productive outcomes are enhanced. The FREE Shareable Home Inventory provides a way for inclusion and transparency; both of which are needed for parties to feel safe and fairly treated. FairSplit also offers a comprehensive on-line range of tools for a constructive and fair division of assets that incorporate Emotional Value (EV) into the division process. These tools can be used in situations such as divorce and the division of an estate due to death or downsizing. The tools FairSplit  has developed also open up the possibility of an important new service mental health practitioners can provide their clients.

Key aspects addressed are:

  • Transparent and inclusive private, secure account allowing all parties access to the information
  • Add photos and appraisals to items, or start with tagging photos to create the list
  • Organize and sort by room, category, value, distribution (who gets what?, sell, donate, keep, etc.)
  • 100% online access, so parties do not have to be present to be fully involved and included
  • Several blind, impartial methods of division are used that incorporate Emotional and Monetary valuations for the parties.
  • Survey to assess the biggest concerns of the parties and tailoring the division to address those
  • You may simply provide a link for your clients to use directly or you may serve as Administrator as part of the services you offer your clients
  • Set-Up and Administrative collaboration for you as an Observer and the Division Administrator
  • Tracking of the process and notifications of rounds completed for review
  • Full Reporting by Categories, Ownership and Sell or Donate Designation
  • Appraisal and photo attachment capability for all items
  • Customize each family section with a photo or saying meaningful to the family

If you serve as an Administrator for the family and/or are advising the family or a member of the family, you may want to learn more about how FairSplit works. With that background, issues such as holiday visitation, weekend custody, and shared time of a vacation home can all be listed as “assets” to be allocated with an even hand. FairSplit serves most effectively when used as a tool service professionals employ to assist their clients. We provide training, and it can be white labeled or co-branded if desired.

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