FairSplit.com Announces Collaboration with WealthCounsel

Posted By: Raphael Almeida Posted date: June 18, 2021 In: Press No Comments

WealthCounsel, LLC, the industry leader in automated drafting software for trusts and estates attorneys, and FairSplit.com, innovator and creator of an online system for listing and sharing asset information for fair divisions in estate settlements, announce their collaboration to provide WealthCounsel’s attorney members and the general public with access to FairSplit.com’s platform and services by integrating with WealthCounsel.com, a website for practicing attorneys, and EstatePlanning.com, WealthCounsel’s consumer education website.

“Until now, executors and trustees seeking a process to divide personal property discovered FairSplit.com mostly through online searches or referrals from families that have used it in the past. We are very excited about WealthCounsel’s decision to help boost awareness and use of our platform and services by offering easy access to families and legal professionals who are helping clients with their estates,” says David MacMahan, FairSplit.com CEO and founder. “Use of FairSplit.com had been growing, but COVID’s travel and gathering restrictions definitely increased its use and acceptance dramatically,” he added.

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