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Recommended Letter of Instruction Draft - After more than a decade of working with families to divide their personal property, I have seen the same issues over and over again play out with families, that could have been addressed by the deceased to greatly reduce conflict and ambiguity.


Dividing Tips for Estates with David
(YouTube 1-3 Minute Videos)

$ Values – Include or Omit? | Dividing Things #1

Don’t Include Spouses | Dividing Things #2 When gathering to divide personal property; heirs only.

What to Divide or Donate – Often Surprising | Dividing Things #3

The “Heir Hat” Be Sensitive, Empathetic | Dividing Things #4

Dividing Into Selectable Subsets – China, Jewelry, etc. | Dividing Things #5

Navigating Family Dynamics | Dividing Things #6

How To Best Use Appraisers | Dividing Things #7

Re-key Those Locks After a Death! | Dividing Things #8

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