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I had no idea how to allow my siblings and me to select items we’d like from my Father’s estate – especially with not all of us able to travel (e.g., Covid). Plus, we have grown children who were also interested. I found FairSplit using a Google search and signed on almost immediately. The program was easy to use. Taking and labelling the photos took a while but was very helpful. I had David be the Administrator and that made it easier on me and more fair all around. David was very responsive to scheduling requests and answering questions, plus the guide has lots of information. There were absolutely no complaints about what each person got and one sibling remarked that using the program was ‘brilliant’. I’m a very pleased customer!

Liz B.
Verified purchase

The FairSplit system was a fantastic tool for our family of 12 siblings when we needed to divide our parents’ things. We are spread out around the country and Covid has made it even more difficult for some to travel so FairSplit was the perfect solution. FairSplit also helped neutralize the potential for problems with some family members. The process was fair and it was fun to see who got what after each round. David served as our administrator during the selection rounds and he was very patient and helpful with any issues we had. Having him serve as administrator also took a huge load off my shoulders and made it possible for me to be completely independent during the asset review and selection. Setting up the inventory was easy to do and the website is very user friendly. I highly recommend FairSplit and am so thankful it was available.

Jean N.
Verified purchase

My four siblings and I used FairSplit to divide up our mother’s estate. We created several categories and held multiple rounds over 6+ months to distribute 1000+ items/groups of items among ourselves and identify remaining items for donation. We live far apart, each of us has strong emotional and other attachments to many of our mother’s possessions, and as a family we’re good at procrastinating and terrible at making difficult decisions. The division of our mother’s estate could have been extremely contentious, divisive and protracted. It did remain inherently painful for most of us, but we had a great experience with FairSplit. The rounds went smoothly with great technical support and provided a fair, transparent process we could all trust. This was invaluable in our situation, and it’s hard to imagine how we could have done the division without FairSplit. In fact, FairSplit allowed us to make something good out of the situation. Our mother loved auctions, so we actually feel we were doing something she herself would have appreciated and enjoyed and that respected and honored her legacy. I highly recommend FairSplit and am so grateful we were able to take advantage of this incredible resource.

A. Micheli
Verified purchase

FairSplit was the perfect tool when my two sisters and I had to divide up furniture, family heirlooms, art work, and all kinds of other household things, when my parents moved to a much smaller apartment. We decided to actually allocate everything at this one time, ignoring whether my parents would take it with them or not, so we didn’t have to do this painful process again. Although we had different ideas of how this should be done, several things were invaluable. One – we live far apart and we could do this together online. Two – the system assigned things randomly, so we all got things we wanted and we all saw things we wanted assigned to a different sister. Because it was impersonal, it felt fair. Three – because we were doing this online, there was no pressure to do this within a time frame of a few days visit at my parents. We did several rounds of choosing over a month.

When we had technical difficulties, the staff at FairSplit were quickly responsive and explained what to do, or fixed a bug immediately.

I highly recommend this for use in dividing estates, downsizing, etc. Thank you FairSplit.

Ellen F
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It was a good deal for her (sister), but it was a great deal for me because I didn’t have to negotiate face to face with someone who causes me so much emotional trauma.  It was a blind, fair split.

T. Bennett (clinical psychologist)
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