FairSpilt Finds Dividing Personal Property After a Death is… Well,…Personal

Posted By: Raphael Almeida Posted date: October 26, 2021 In: Press No Comments

Families, in particular the executor of families or trustee, face a real challenge when it comes to dividing the personal property between heirs. Almost no one has experience doing it, and everyone involved has an opinion of how it should be done. FairSplit.com, the industry leader of dividing tangible personal property, has just redesigned their website to promote services beyond the hosted software. The founder will personally help families by serving as the Administrator of their online process of listing, sharing and dividing personal property.The online system was created more than ten years ago to allow families to login to a private account, list all things to be divided and use the system FairSplit created to do it fairly and peacefully. Now all paid accounts get a thirty-minutes to one hour consultation with David MacMahan, the FairSplit.com founder, to help them plan the best approach given their unique family situation.


“Until I am too overloaded to personally be the one to help, I am enjoying helping the families that find us for the same reasons I created the company.”

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