Tips on Photo Upload to Associate with Assets

Photos, or appraisals or other documents may be uploaded to FairSplit to have as reference or to assign or associate with specific assets. Here are some tips for preparing and uploading photos:

Some people like to take a photo of each item to be listed.  This can make it very easy to list assets once the photos are uploaded to FairSplit since one may then edit the photo name to a good name of what is in the photo, add a comment at the bottom for more details, then use our “Photos to Assets” converter and it will make each photo an asset, in the room you uploaded to, and with the details you put at the bottom.  The beauty of doing it this way is you are typing the asset name literally onto the photo while you are looking at it.  All that is left to do is add categories and estimated fair market values if you need to.

More than one photo may be associated with any asset (different angles, close ups of damage or brand, etc.)
You will find it easiest to upload photos AFTER you have created the Property and Room names to match your estate, then upload the photos for that room, then the next room, etc. This saves the trouble of having to highlight and move them to the right room later.
More than one asset may be associated with a single photo. For example, a single photo of 5 sets of earrings can be easily associated with all five single listings of each earring. Or a photo with a table, with a lamp on it and a figurine can be used for all three items.