Is it possible to share photos and let people indicate interest just from the photos?

You can take individual photos of items room by room as we show in the How to Photograph and List Assets. You will want to ONLY edit the name of the Primary (1) Photo of each item. If there are Secondary photos (close-ups, artist signature, etc.) do NOT edit that photo name. Then at the bottom left of each room, click the blue button to List an Asset for Each Photo. UNCHECK the Only create assets from edited photo names. This will create a list of photos that can be selected in the rounds as being of interest or not, however, currently to avoid having to click each one to see the image, you may want to go to Reports, Web App with Photos and print a report by room that shows all photos with their asset names as a reference. You will click Details on the asset once listed, and associate Secondary photos with it from below the item.