FREE Shareable Inventory Questions

1/ Is it really free? Yes, you may make as many free accounts as you like, all managed through a single login.  Use for your business as a job management and sharing tool, or as a family to create a centralized place to list, organize and share information about the contents of a home.

2/ How do you do this for free? It is our pleasure to offer this free so families and the professionals who help them become more familiar with the custom tools we have created and use them to make the process easier and less painful.  Our goal is to help in estate, downsizing and divorce situations especially.  Some will be able to use these tools for inclusion and transparency for all parties, and that may be enough.  However, some will benefit by upgrading to our full division packages.

3/ Why is this service better than using photo sharing sites, or document sharing services from much larger companies?

  • FairSplit was specifically designed for the tasks associated with a move, estate division, downsizing or divorce where people need to decide who gets what, what can be sold, donated, etc.
  • You could use a combination of the well-known sharing services, but it would be cobbled together and not so easily shared or restricted by user access, with limited permissions.
  • You can co-brand this with your logo and company information

4/ This says it is a two year license.  Are there charges after two years.   The Administrator will get an email in advance that the inventory may be deleted, or may be continued for a nominal fee.  Making new inventories is free.  We put two years since most finish the move or estate clearing well before two years, save or print reports that summarize the resulting inventory, etc.  We reserve the right to delete at two years to avoid the costs of storing unwanted photos and inventories indefinitely.

So in summary:

Create your own customized online account to manage a move, from quoting a job from photos organized by room, to having someone else help list the items seen in the photos.  Insert your own logo, slogan, contact information to customize.  As a decorator, compare before and after rooms, or if moving, use current room and destination room to have lists of what goes where.

If using as a family, now you don’t have to do it all alone.  Get family living far away to help you list the things in the house by simply inviting them to assist online.  All parties being able to see everything, creates inclusion and transparency.

If you need additional help with a way to divide things peacefully, upgrade to the FairSplit patented division package right for you and your family.